Rudraksha- the sacred beads holds very high spiritual and medicinal values. These beads bless one with physical and mental health and enhance one’s spiritual quotient. The word Rudraksha is derived by the combination of two words Rudra (Lord Shiva) and Aksha (Tears) that as a whole denotes Lord Shiva’s tears... Read More

4 mukhi Rudraksha

Four mukhi Rudraksha:

Four mukhi Rudraksha represents God Brahaspati who rules Jupiter. The wearer gains the power of knowledge and creativity. It expands memory power, vocal power, wit and intelligence. The wearer is blessed with melodious speech.

Power of Four Mukhi Rudraksha Beads:

  • Provides great relief from stammering problems.
  • Cures diseases like Asthma, cough and the like.
  • Gives power of knowledge and creativity.
  • Enhances memory, vocal ability, wit, speech and intelligence.

Chakra Benefit:

Four mukhi Rudraksha activates the throat chakra and clears its blockages and balances it. With this chakra in balance, the native achieves excellence in knowledge and communication.