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Aquamarine Necklace Mala

Aquamarine Mala

For people who wish to pursue public speaking and remove their fears of being up on stage, the Aquamarine Stone is an endowment one must take. The stone is very beneficial to the ones whose journeys and visits involve going near waters or seas. The aquamarine stone is associated with the Vishuddhi Chakra which signifies the vocal aspect of the body. The Aquamarine stone empowers the Vishuddhi chakra and helps in bringing effective communication.

The aquamarine stone characterizes the purity of transparent water, joy and competitive aspects of the sea; it is soothing, peaceful and motivates the wearer to win other’s trust. It helps you develop perseverance, self-control and fearlessness which attract others to your personality. It makes you mature enough to take responsibility for your actions and it attracts positive energies that make you gentle, considerate and wise. This stone also helps you deal with problems with compromise and negotiation, helping you through the use of decency, judgment and courage.