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Diamond Stone

Diamond stone, Benefits of Heera


Precious stone (Heera) is viewed as the ruler of all gemstones. Ruled by the planet Venus, diamond blesses the native with love, excellence, beauty, craftsmanship, prosperities and every material comfort of life.

Astrological context:

Diamonds are the hardest minerals on earth. It has its use in a number of modern applications right from cutters to blades attributable to its harder physical property. Yet, it is surely understood for its use in adornments. Diamonds are utilized for making rings, pendants, wrist trinkets etc.

In the astrological context, diamond is governed by planet Venus. Wearing the diamond improves physical and mental health of an individual. Venus, if favorably positioned in Natal chart, provides rich opulence such as love, wealth, knowledge and prosperity in any undertaking. Malefic effects of Venus involve failure in relationship, profession, and clashes in one’s married life. To increase the positive effect of Venus, one should wear diamond.


  • Enhances physical and emotional wellness.
  • Forestalls sexual problems.
  • Builds stamina.
  • Upgrades conjugal life.

How to care and wear:

  • Before first use, keep in under clean water for a night as it will detoxify you.
  • Wear it as a ring, pendant or a bracelet.