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Lapis Lazuli

Lapiz Lazuli Stone and its Benefits


Lapis Lazuli is a standout gemstone amongst the most precious ones used since ancient times. Its profound, heavenly blue color remains the image of sovereignty and respect, divine beings and power, soul and vision. It is an all-inclusive image of insight and truth.

In old times Lapis Lazuli was the most respected as a result of its excellent and significant ultramarine color. Its name originates from the Latin lapis meaning stone and the Persian lazhuward meaning blue. It is a rock in its natural form shaped by numerous minerals: Lazurite, Sodalite, Calcite and Pyrite.

It is a semiprecious gem connected with Saturn and helps the wearer thoughtful and calm.

Astrological Context:

Found in Afghanistan, Lapis Lazuli became popular across the world especially in the regions of Egypt, Siberia of the Mughal Empire.

It is connected with planet Saturn that is viewed as the bestower of grand wealth and success in the Indian mythology. The malefic impacts of this planet incorporate blocks in your work, taking incorrectly judgments, being not able to see the truths, losing temper over insignificant issues and migraines.

The one whose Saturn is malefic in their horoscope may wear Lapis Lazuli gemstone that conciliates plant Saturn.

Benefits of the stone:

  • Calms down emotional aggression.
  • Good for the eyes and vocal cords.


After purchasing the stone, keep it in the bowl of water for a night to drive out the negative energies. Then kindly wash it in a thin stream of running water and clean it with a bit of delicate material.

You may wear it on the left center finger. Be that as it may, do counsel our expert at Chakra Yog.