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Moon Stone

Moonstone and its Benefits


The Moonstone gets its name from the ancient conviction that it was produced using the beams of the Moon after they chilled off on the earth surface. It has commonly been used as an adornment all through the ages. Moonstone is a semiprecious gemstone connected with planet Moon and brings out the wearer’s latent abilities and qualities. It acts a talisman for favorable luck and achievement.

Astrological Context:

It is connected with planet Moon reigning in feelings and sentiments of the humans. This planet gives mental force and awards material prosperities. At the point when Moon is not situated positively in Natal chart, the individual has a tendency to go into melancholies, feel tensed all the time and create languorous mentality. Moonstone recuperates the malefic impacts of the Moon planet.

Benefits of the stone:

  • Offers the feelings of purity and whiteness.
  • Eliminates financial insecurities.
  • Maintains emotional stability.
  • Deals with fertility and sexual problems.

How to care and use:

The Moonstone should be cleaned with soft brushes without any chemical solutions. It needs to be detoxified before being worn. For this, just dip it in clean water for a night.