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Navgraha and Dosha Nivaran Yantra


Navgraha Pujan Yantra

Etched finely on the copper plate, this Navgrah Yantra offers the blessings of nine planets managed by nine celestial gods. The geometry governing the nine planets has minutely been embossed in line with the ancient Vedic conjunctions.

The Yantra comprises of nine squares, each with a Yantra representing one planet. When worshipped, the Yantra increases the power of favorable planets and pacifies the malefic planets.

Usage and Benefits:

  • It is to be installed on the ritual altars at the beginning of every puja.
  • It is an invitation to Nav Devtas (nine ruling gods of the planets) to bring forth blessings.
  • All the pacified and exalted planets invite nothing but success, prosperity, abundance, peace and joy.