Gemstones strengthen the role of planetary powers in your life and can boost your fortunes as they add cosmic colors to your Chakras and thus enhance their associated area of your life. Since time immemorial, gemstones have been used and thought to possess metaphysical powers. These stones have been revered and used for thousands of years... Read More

Rose Quartz Necklace Mala

Rose Quartz Stone Mala

Rose Quartz is one of the most famous crystals globally. It promotes nurturing of one self. It is also believed that Rose Quartz mala enhances a romantic relationship and strengthen the bond of love. Harmony, trust and unconditional love are restored between people by use of this mala. Rose Quartz mala is also known as calming and reassuring crystal mala. It also cures trauma and crisis in a person’s life. It also strengthens empathy sensitivity and aides the acceptance of necessary change in life. It also provides a window of opportunity that helps growth in career. It is associated with Heart Chakra of Human body. The mala helps to balance the Yin Yang energy in a person. Harmony and unity are bestowed in a person by using Rose Quartz Mala. It encourages the dissolution of anger, resentment, fear and suspicion in a person. It is also believed that it restores the feeling of hope.