Yantra are mystic diagrams used by people for positive vibrations and fulfillment of a specific aim. Customarily Yantra have been placed near the deities in temples at the altar and at the entrances of homes or worn in the form of a tabeez close to throat or on arms. In the southern parts of India, people draw Yantra on the floor... Read More

Sai Baba Yantra

Sai Yantra

We at Chakra Yog offer a perfectly carved Sainath Siddh Yantra in gold plated copper. The Yantra has a picture of Sai Baba alongside Sai Baba Yantra, Sai Baba Mantra, Om and Sai Charan Paduka scratched on its surface.

Sai Yantra Benefits

Sai Baba is the preeminent spiritualist who guided the common people on leading a life of equality in oneness with fellow beings. Venerating the Sainath Siddh Yantra helps attain his blessings for achievement, learning, successes and true serenity.