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South Sea Pearl

South Sea Pearl stone and its Uses


A pearl is a solid natural element made up of calcium carbonate released by an oyster after it encounters an irritant. Natural pearls are the most precious gems. Found in the Indian Ocean, it is also called Basra pearl. What adorns the pearl is its elegant rainbow-like sparkle that made it the prized possession in the ancient world. The old texts of the ancient Arabia, China and India mention pearl hunter or diver who would explore and fetch precious pearl gems. Today, sea pearl jewelry such as necklaces, earrings, pendants, bracelets, etc. has attained a stand along with other jewelry.

Pearl in Indian context:

The Basra pearl has always been held in high esteem in India. It is best known for its exquisiteness, curative value and healing effects. It's connected with the Moon who controls the aquatic element, and the representation of female energy. In the astrological context, it is connected to Cancer. Also, it charges the Swathisthana chakra, one of the seven chakras.

Physical properties:

It has Moonlike glitter and spherical shape. Its dent-less texture is coherent and smooth.

Other types:

There are many kinds of pearls including South sea pearls and Basra pearls being the best and the largest all over the world over. White, yellow and golden south sea pearls are best worn with a variety of rings, necklace and others stones.

Found in:

Basra Pearl gemstones are found in Sri Lanka, Bay of Bengal, Australia and Japan as well as China.


Pearl gemstones are most popularly worn as gold and silver pendants, necklaces, rings, stones and bracelets. They can be pure white or yellow.