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Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye Stone and its Benefits


Tiger's Eye is a semiprecious gemstone that demonstrates an extraordinary optical property making it resemble a cat’s eye. Available in distinctive shades of yellow, the stone enhances self-regard and self-pride. Also, it is said to build your understanding and resistance power.

Specialty of Stone::

South Africa and Asia are the two greatest makers and suppliers of Tiger's Eye gemstones. Albeit, fake or impersonation stones are available, the normal ones can undoubtedly be distinguished. The unique nature of this stone is that the hue of the stone changes when seen in diverse lights and from distinctive points.


  • Enhances self-regard and self-poise.
  • Enhances deep sense of being and internal happiness.
  • Heals skin issue and tissue wounds.

How to wear and care:

  • Before first use, keep it in clean water for a night to detoxify it.
  • Clean it with a soft piece of cloth and ensure the stone does not get rubbed or scratched against other harder gemstones.
  • Use it as a pendant, bracelet or ring.