Yantra are mystic diagrams used by people for positive vibrations and fulfillment of a specific aim. Customarily Yantra have been placed near the deities in temples at the altar and at the entrances of homes or worn in the form of a tabeez close to throat or on arms. In the southern parts of India, people draw Yantra on the floor... Read More

Vaastu Yantra for Home and Office

Vastu Yantra:

This completely fulfilled Vastu Yantra encapsulates 12 yantras diffusing cosmic energies. Vastu Yantra used as a spiritual mystic instrument is designed to uproot doshas in a house, chiefly those identified with its circumstance in connection to its environment (natural and spiritual). The Yantra enhances future prospects and avert wicked spirits.

Vastu Yantras contain Vastu Dosh Nashak Yantra, Grih Dosh Vastu-Chakra Yantra, Dikdosha Nashak Yantra and Matsya Yantra.

Vastu Dosh Nashak Yantra: It contains perfectly etched geometrical lines with Vedic Vastu mantras across the Yantra boy including the four corners. This Yantra aims at offering obeisance to Vastu Purush, the ruling god of Vastu science and driving away all the doshas your place is inflicted with.

Grahadosh Nivarak Vastuchakra Yantra: It contains the geometrical presentation of Vastu Purush, the presiding deity of an abode. The deity lies on with his head in the northeast direction and the legs in southwest along with other deities such as Brahma, Surya, Kuber, Indra Varun, Rudra, Soma and the like. It awards the native with the blessings of all the gods and energizes the place with cosmic energies.

Dikdosha Nashak Yantra: It has Vastu Purusha etched within a square with two rectangular squares and three circles placed alternatively after one another. The Yantra contains Vedic mantras dedicated to Lord Brahma, Indra, Agni, Rudra, Yama, Kuber, Ankush and Anant Seshha.

Shree Matsya Yantra: This Yantra represents the incarnation of Lord Vishnu Who took the form of a fish to save the world from seeping into devastation. The Yantra when installed offers the blessings of Lord Vishnu.

Benefits of Worshipping the Yantra:

  • Removes all the hindrances on the way of your success.
  • Removes Vastu defects from your house.
  • Protects the residents from the influence of black magic.